Saturday, September 21, 2013

C-Division's Works Blog Revival!! (I hope)

Hey all,
I haven't been dead. All the stuff I've been posting and working on has appeared on the ICU forums, so I've neglected the blog a little bit...a lottle bit actually. I'm going to try and change that and make sure I've giving adequate attention to all mediums. I assume most people that come here visit the
So, in terms of noteworthy news,

-Starlite Worlds is still being worked on is is making good progress.
The latest video, shown here, shows off some of Luigi's Combo Attacks.

So everything is going well there. An exact release date is not set in stone yet but it's coming.

-U-Division has started a new Pokemon Action RPG game called, "Pokemon S.T.A.R. Heroes & Adventurers"! Go over to the blog to check it out!

The Official Pokémon S.T.A.R. Homepage

Here's the trailer.

Those are the big things that have been going on lately. I hope to be doing updates more frequently, maybe even little tidbits about certain badges in Starlite Worlds and strategies that go along with them. That'll be in the future though, so we'll see then.


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