Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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*In order to avoid confusion over download links and updates, this page will always have the latest download method for Mario.

CURRENT VERSION: v1.3 (08-18-09)


First, download


REAL Part 1
Part 2

Then, after having installed WinRar use it to extract the .exe file. It will automatically extract both parts.

IMPORTANT: In order to use your old save file, the folder that you extract Mario to must have the same name as the
folder in "My Documents" that contains your save files. For most of you, this will automatically be done, but if you experience
problems in using your old save file this is how to fix it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Yay! We'll I'm 3 away as of right now,but I feel like doing this post before I go to sleep. It's been a couple of years, a couple of games released, good times.

What do I have in store next, (besides Mario updates.) we'll find out later.

Suggestions and comments would be cool.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

SMRPG:SS Updates (Version 1.3) FIXED


Version 1.3*
-Fixes several typos
-Fixes several possible game-crashing bugs
-Minor Tweaks and more bugs

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Known bugs and how to get by them

First off, thank you for the feedback that has made it possible to address these issues. Despite all of our beta-testing, there are still bugs creeping up here and there. If any are serious, please comment and tell us about them so we can fix them. We will be correcting these mistakes as fast as we can.

Sever/Game Breaking
*In Coniferious Confusion on the map where you have to fight the correct Gloomba, do not get a pre-ememptive strike against them, or it could mess up. (FIXED IN NEW VERSION)

If you downloaded the first version of the game, the room after the Goombaron has messed up water tiles. Simply walk down into the black covering and them make your way to the pipe. You won't be able to fight the Question Block unless you download the new version.
*In level 2 of Super Mario Bros. EX there are passability issues that allow the player to walk where they shouldn't be able to. This doesn't break or mess up the game though.

Known Grammar/Spelling Mistakes
*The Toad Jehu T. in Toad Town says "futre" instead of future.
*Re-ali T. says "konw" instead of know.
*In the second level of Super Mario Bros. EX it says use the Z "buttton" instead of button

Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages IS OUT!

*In Coniferious Confusion on the map where you have to fight the correct gloomba, do not get a prememptive strike against them, or it could mess up.*

Sorry for the delay, but an unexpected family event came up this morning and lasted through the afternoon. But with that aside...

Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages has now finally been released.


It's been a while, but it's finally here. Please download it and post feedback and share your thoughts on the game. There will also be changing polls on the website so vote on those too.

A few notes...

-This is version 1.0. Updates will follow eventually
-Sage skills are very useful. Don't forget about them.
-There are a good amount of side things to do which add to the game
-This is a mashup of all the mario rpgs so its not a sequel, no Mario & Luigi RPG 4!!. It's random and the characters that it uses are random and most of their roles are random. (Not all of them.)



Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August 8, 2009: MARIO RELEASE DATE!! (Also Promotional Trailer)

This Saturday, the 8th, Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages will be available for download. After 4 years of wait, (1 year of real working), the game is completed. To add to the hype here is a promotional video made is Adobe Premiere, not lame Window's Movie Maker.

If you have comments you know what to do.