Friday, June 19, 2009

450+ Maps for Mario!

...And counting. Zelda:CPW had about 345 maps total to put it in perspective, I guess. Currently We're at the the part before the final dungeon thing, which is before before the final boss. You've had seven sages for a little bit now so the game doesn't end there. Right now I'm going back and adding some more side stuff, secret weapons and equipments. For the really secret equipments a few bosses will actually be harder than the final boss, for those who like to overtrain.

Comment if you'd like to.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Update: Early June

Okay, since summer's been going on I've been getting more work done than in school. It's not as much as I could, but a good amount. The Main Story programming is getting close to the end, but there's some stuff we plan to do in terms of side quests after we finish the main story. (Secret Bosses, Weapons, Dark Bowser, etc.) I don't want to jump the gun but we should be looking at a July-August release. Again, the date is not yet known.

I can't give away the story at the end of the game, but you've already obtained all 7 Sages and now some final stuff is happening. There's a twist at the end, but it's not huge. That's what's I'm working on right now. There area also some cool bosses we're doing as well that try to make full use of RPG Maker's capabilities. For the bosses we use that appear in other Mario rpg games we've done research (on youtube) to make the battle similar.

One final point, our game is a mash-up of the Mario universe. It has characters and villains from all over so there is no direct story line. It's not a sequel to the Mario & Luigi series nor a sequel to Paper Mario or anything like that. This is a heads up so you don't try to place it as directly linked to a real Mario rpg game. I kind of enjoy the mash-up style more in this case than doing a direct sequel. If you have comments, comment.