Friday, June 19, 2009

450+ Maps for Mario!

...And counting. Zelda:CPW had about 345 maps total to put it in perspective, I guess. Currently We're at the the part before the final dungeon thing, which is before before the final boss. You've had seven sages for a little bit now so the game doesn't end there. Right now I'm going back and adding some more side stuff, secret weapons and equipments. For the really secret equipments a few bosses will actually be harder than the final boss, for those who like to overtrain.

Comment if you'd like to.


vince said...

Im looking forward to this game. Do you guys have a twitter or something so i can get a text when its released or a dates set? Im going to try Zelda as well just downloaded it. Your great at game designs based upon the demo and your videos so It would be nice to get updates on all your games. I guess this is more of a general comment so sorry for rambling.

C-Division said...

Thanks for the support. We do not have a twitter, but it's a possibility that we may look into getting one for updates. If you enjoyed the demo, then you should really find the full game to be fun. It's still set to be released in the late summer. Progress is going really well on it. This Post was exactly a week ago, but now there are 480 maps in the game! That should tell you how hard we're working on this.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to ask.

Vince said...

Thats great just a month to 2 to go and itll be out. Have you finilised a list of playable characters? Mario, Luigi, and Bowser is all that im aware of.

C-Division said...

Mario, Luigi, and Bowser are the only playable characters. Geno makes an appearance, but isn't a part of your party.