Saturday, July 21, 2007

Main Characters

Here is information on the characters. Ravos isn't included because he's told all about in the demo, which you should play...

Kyro - Thief - Age 17 - A young energetic orphan who has always looked up to Hero as
a role model since his parents are dead. They were killed by pure human radicals. He lives mostly on the street
but sometimes stays with Hero. He's always getting into trouble because he always steals stuff. When Hero sets off
Kyro secretly follows him and joins him to prove he's not an annoyance, but an equal partner.

Cain - Grappler - Age 20 - A young savage half-human, half-beast fist fighter, but at any other time, he is always full of jokes and
is overly reckless. His mouth may sometimes get him into trouble at the wrong times. His favorite hobby is
to fight, fight, fight. He is constantly challenging anyone he can to a fight and even his comrades at times.
Being half beast makes killing seem normal to him but leter he figures out the value of one's life from Elena.
Although he's all about fighting, he still disagrees with the pact that was made between Xayon and the
monster kingdom. He joins the gang because they are determined to stop Xayon's pact from succeeding.

Paltinae - Bow Woman - Age 64 - Female elven warrior who doesn't look her age. Daughter of Gaya the Great. (The King of the elves.)
Elves have a longer lifespan than humans and are obsessed with looking young. She doesn't speak unless she needs
to and doesn't show much emotion. She is a wise leader among the elves and joins the party when Hero finally confronts
the elves and shows them his birthmark. Other elves still disregard him as the heir but Paltinae decides that the
well-being of other worlds maybe is important. At first she is like most elves who keep out of other businesses, but
then she realizes that this could affect the elven kingdom as well and says so. Her views anger some of the other
leaders who say that the elven kingdom will be fine. Her father was also angered by these views. Paltinae decides to go with them to stop the pact between
Lord Yalron (The Monster King) and King Xayon.

Elena - Age 21 - A young and talkative mixed blood who specializes in magic. She is very outgoing and tries to act
like the leader of the party at times, giving out commands and orders. Elena, like Cain, sometimes gets into trouble
because of her mouth. She has always looked up to Prince Ravos with utmost respect. His interaction with the mixed
bloods and his equality for all races has made him a respected figure for others as well. Her obsession with the
Prince drove her off the edge when she heard about the framed murder of him. She, like Hero, wanted revenge and wanted
to know what was going on. It was fairly known that the Prince's best friend was the mixed blood Hero so she followed
Hero when he left to find out about the Prince's death.

As I said before, theres a little missing for each character in terms of their involvement so as to give too much away. My list of secondary Main characters isn't complete quite yet but I'll post it when I'm done.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Screens

Here are more screenshots for The Fall of Karene. This is a all one village. Comments are appreciated.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

200 Maps!!

Zelda has reached 200 maps!! That should give an idea on how far I am in the game. I really think that by the end of summer I can release the full version.

The Lay Out

(This is what I wrote on a forum I posted on. It has the basic info for my game. I'll put more in due time, but I won't spoil it.)

This is my new game that will be an original rpg game, not a fan game. If you've seen on this forum, I am also working on a Zelda game which is my top priority, but I am also working on this game. Here are some key features that I've thought out so far.

---Key Features---
Non-Collecting Plot - Thankfully this part is completely done. For all of you who are tired of just collecting 10 things to beat a boss this may be an
answer to your prayers. I was also sick of making those types of games as well.

In game HUD's - I don't think I'm doing a custom menu (It's a possibility) but I will have other HUD's like mini maps and stuff.

Faces and Expressions - Every main character and other secondary characters have faces and expressions. I use pictures that are 96 by 96 instead of the 48 by 48 RTP type for more detail. You can see that in my demo.

6 Characters - 6 characters with all their own stories. You have to switch out your party members to train them all.

Class Changing - This determines your skill and stats. I did it in a way like secret of mana 2 if any of you know what I mean.

Drives - A special skill-divided subset. All the drive moves take 100% MP and can't be learned. They can be found around the world and through side quests and other stuff. You can only have one drive for a character at a time so choose carefully.

Name your Main Character - That's pretty much it.

Those are the key features I can think of for now.

Here's background info for the plot.

There were 2 different races long ago. Humans and monsters and they always fought.
But a new race formed with magical powers called the elves. The humans thought the
elves were freaks and persecuted them. The elves wouldn't stand for this and they
thought they were superior so they separated from the humans into their own world.
Although the elves had magic, the humans had better weapons and armor which were
kept from the elves so the battle was even. Mixed blood between humans and elves
were left behind with the humans because the elves wanted no trace of humans in
their new territory. The mixed bloods had no magic training since the elves left so
the humans considered them no real threat so they lived in harmony at first.
Later the mixed bloods started to realize their magical potential and humans
started to become afraid of them so the mixed bloods became persecuted and the kingdom's
officials authorized the persecution.



Now, groups of mixed bloods are trying to convince others that the regular
humans should be exterminated. There are still other mixed bloods protecting the
humans so the rebel cause still doesn't have enough power to do what they want. The
radical leader of the Rebel Group (King Xayon) makes a desparate pact with the monsters
in order to have a big enough army to wipe out the humans but the monsters only
agreed to help if the elves were to be invaded and killed as well.

I won't give away too much about the main character but I'll say a little. Let's call him Hero

Hero - - Greatswordsman - Age 22 - A mixed blood warrior. He's calm and a born leader. He hates most pure humans at first although his best friend is one. He becomes bitter when he thinks his best friend (Ravos) dies and wants revenge against Laroid, the killer. He
later figures out that Ravos was right about trying to establish peace among other races. He
is a descendant of an elven king from long ago and carries a birthmark from it and so he is also an heir
to the elven throne but he does not want to be a part of the elves so he hides his ancestors, but once the pact between King Xayon and
Lord Yalron is made, he realizes that the Elven kingdom is needed to stop them so he has to convince the elves that they may be
in danger too in spite of his feelings about the elves, he ventures to the kingdom.

You may be saying, "Wow that game is going to be 2 seconds long." Let me just say this to whoever thinks that:

I don't to write so much you'll predict each word that come out of the character's mouth next.

Expect more info soon, I have it all written out but I did it in phrases but putting it
here is a bit tedious.

Download the Demo.

Feedback is appreciated.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


It's only been a few hours, but why not? I just made the demo for my new game.

To download click HERE

The Cyderian Chronicles: The Fall of Karene

This is my new game that I will do after I'm done with Zelda, which by the way, is coming along well. I will put up a page specially for it soon. I do have a video up though on Youtube. This game is an original rpg and not a fan game.

To watch it, Click Here

Monday, July 9, 2007

K'oss is released

Just today, a newly updated K'oss was released. For the full story head over to Wave Bossa's Creations by clicking HERE