Saturday, July 21, 2007

Main Characters

Here is information on the characters. Ravos isn't included because he's told all about in the demo, which you should play...

Kyro - Thief - Age 17 - A young energetic orphan who has always looked up to Hero as
a role model since his parents are dead. They were killed by pure human radicals. He lives mostly on the street
but sometimes stays with Hero. He's always getting into trouble because he always steals stuff. When Hero sets off
Kyro secretly follows him and joins him to prove he's not an annoyance, but an equal partner.

Cain - Grappler - Age 20 - A young savage half-human, half-beast fist fighter, but at any other time, he is always full of jokes and
is overly reckless. His mouth may sometimes get him into trouble at the wrong times. His favorite hobby is
to fight, fight, fight. He is constantly challenging anyone he can to a fight and even his comrades at times.
Being half beast makes killing seem normal to him but leter he figures out the value of one's life from Elena.
Although he's all about fighting, he still disagrees with the pact that was made between Xayon and the
monster kingdom. He joins the gang because they are determined to stop Xayon's pact from succeeding.

Paltinae - Bow Woman - Age 64 - Female elven warrior who doesn't look her age. Daughter of Gaya the Great. (The King of the elves.)
Elves have a longer lifespan than humans and are obsessed with looking young. She doesn't speak unless she needs
to and doesn't show much emotion. She is a wise leader among the elves and joins the party when Hero finally confronts
the elves and shows them his birthmark. Other elves still disregard him as the heir but Paltinae decides that the
well-being of other worlds maybe is important. At first she is like most elves who keep out of other businesses, but
then she realizes that this could affect the elven kingdom as well and says so. Her views anger some of the other
leaders who say that the elven kingdom will be fine. Her father was also angered by these views. Paltinae decides to go with them to stop the pact between
Lord Yalron (The Monster King) and King Xayon.

Elena - Age 21 - A young and talkative mixed blood who specializes in magic. She is very outgoing and tries to act
like the leader of the party at times, giving out commands and orders. Elena, like Cain, sometimes gets into trouble
because of her mouth. She has always looked up to Prince Ravos with utmost respect. His interaction with the mixed
bloods and his equality for all races has made him a respected figure for others as well. Her obsession with the
Prince drove her off the edge when she heard about the framed murder of him. She, like Hero, wanted revenge and wanted
to know what was going on. It was fairly known that the Prince's best friend was the mixed blood Hero so she followed
Hero when he left to find out about the Prince's death.

As I said before, theres a little missing for each character in terms of their involvement so as to give too much away. My list of secondary Main characters isn't complete quite yet but I'll post it when I'm done.

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