Saturday, February 23, 2008

Progress on Zelda

I've been on a hiatus from Zelda, but I haven't related how far along I am on it so I will now. I would say i'm about 83% completely through with the game. I almost done with the fourth dungeon out of the total five and have completed all the side quests and techniques and weapons in the game.
So no I need to buckle down and get this thing finished. Once it's finished, there will celebration aplently. However, I am not completely sure of a date yet. Post a comment if you have a question.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

ICU Gigasoft is back!

It's been a really long time and we've had a hiatus on our work, but we're ready to restart.
We're doing it a little different this time. We're combining out websites into one but keeping out separate blogs for more in depth info about what we're doing. The Link to it is

ps: Zelda will be finished soon!