Thursday, August 13, 2009


Yay! We'll I'm 3 away as of right now,but I feel like doing this post before I go to sleep. It's been a couple of years, a couple of games released, good times.

What do I have in store next, (besides Mario updates.) we'll find out later.

Suggestions and comments would be cool.


SamusRisng said...

I doubt it but Metroid would be awesome. Especailly if Samus and Ridley were forced to team up. They could be forced to if it was after Metroid Fusion when the Federation is angry at her. I'm sure whatever you choose will be great though so good luck on your next game!

C-Division said...

I've never really played metroid, although I've wanted to. I only know the back story of it.

I'm not sure whether it'll be a fan game type or a traditional rpg. Cyderian Chronicle's chances aren't looking too good right now because I've started a traditional rpg on rpg maker xp with nice scripts. However, I usually do 2 games at once so the other could be a fan game. I'm not sure yet.

Cor said...

If you like fan games, continue to do so to learn more about game development. Though I recommend you use another game engine to broaden your skills. RPG Maker restricts you to just that. Take a leap and use a game engine like Game Maker or Game Factory. If you love RPG, then try for a more action-based battle system while telling a fan-based tale.

If you do something like this, I wouldn't mind joining your team as a artist/ programmer/ etc. I'm good at most jobs, thus the very skills we sole designers have to adapt anyway.