Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mario: Resource Packs Complete

For those of you interested in making your own Mario fangame or just want to use the resources we used in our game, here you go.

Complete Graphics Pack
Music Pack - All MIDI
Music Pack - All MP3
Complete Sound Effect/Voices Pack


Cabal901 said...

This is awesome, I don't know if I'll make anything with it, but still, awesome.

Anonymous said...

Almost all the graphics are worthless. The Tilesets are almost useless and many of the character designs don't work either. I hope you'll fix them soon.

Robin van Bergen (beterbomen) said...

This is to be deleted

I am writing to the authors of SMRPGSS. I have sent you an e-mail on the RPG Maker XP forum, where you put this game up for download as well. In this mail I am requesting access to an unscripted version of the game. Pleas read it.

(I appologise if I sound rude, but my English isn't that great)

Anonymous said...

I really like the Chapter Start music from The Seven Sages. Is it there? And how is it called? I'd love to know that. ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi again! I've already found that Chapter Start music, it's from Paper Mario TTYD. By the way, there is another song I like very much in the trailer. I know the first two ones are also from TTYD, but, where does the third one come from? Thanks in advance. ^^

Anonymous said...

Oops, when I last wrote here, I completely forgot about the small fanfare at the beginning of the trailer... I just wanted to put clear what music from the trailer I wanted. I mean, I want the longest one.