Friday, May 8, 2009

More Update Stuff; Bowser

This is just another progress update as Mario comes along. First order of business, Bowser's special class uses the sprites from a boss from Mario & Luigi RPG 3!! This class will be a secret and be very powerful. It's one of those rewards for those who go the extra mile. Once all his moves are finished there will most likely be another installment of Shroom Stuff to show him off. It should be fairly impressive.

In terms of progress, the main story is nearing the end of the 6th sage, but there is still a good amount of side things we are still adding. Percentage wise, I would say that we are about at 75% of the game being complete. You should still expect it during this summer.


Anonymous said...

This sounds great! I still think there are some gameplay issues with sprites and some other things, but otherwise this looks amazing! You think you could give the villans more life and fix the battle noise for selecting something though? Something more M&Lish? Like when making the enemies, make the have a custom stance and like run up to you to attack.

C-Division said...

Thanks for the comment.
The battle noise you mentioned for selecting something was changed to and M&L sound after the demo was released and so were the moving cursor and other sounds.
One of the limitations of RPG Maker 2003 is making enemies have more stuff so we can't make them move up to you but we've worked our way around different obstacles in enemies so far. About the villain's life, once the game is complete we'll play through it and adjust the difficulty, but this is a Mario game so the main story isn't really hard. However, there will be side quest bosses that be harder and provide more of a challenge to those who train a lot.

Could you specifically name some of the gameplay and sprite issues you've faced. A lot has changed from the demo, but I want to hear about other problems as well.


Anonymous said...

Well to what you said alot has changed but changing the bowser on the HP status bar to the updated one. I was thinking maybe change some noises like the fireball giant one to a softer noise rather than that. Animating enemies is possible through tinkering with the script, I think anyway. VX can so maybe you could use it, but I don't know if you can just transfer everything into there. I'd also be interested in helping if you guys need it.

C-Division said...

The bowser picture for the status bars has also been changed to newer one.

The problem with VX in battle is that although you can move enemies, movement of the heroes is much more limited along with bad mapping and we would have remaster most of our resources. It would take too much time and probably be worse.