Saturday, September 27, 2008


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You heard right. 2.0 has finally been released!


New Features:

- This version has the anticipated "Boss Battle Mode" at the end for all those who thought
the game was too easy.

- U-Division has provided a Bestiary so you can know more about the monsters you defeat.

- More Fixed Bugs

- The download file is in zip for those who have been having trouble with rar.

With this new release, you will have to start a new game, but this gives you an opportunity
to play with a different class. (There are many skills to learn).


Alex said...

The screen is out of position, please fix this. (its about 3 spaces to the right).

C-Division said...

Could it be your monitor settings and refresh rate that's causing the shift or is it a pan screen mistake? Is link not in the center of the game?

Alex said...

The entire screen is moved to the right, leaving a black bar on the left and making you unable to part of the right end of the screen. My monitor settings are fine.

C-Division said...

Was it always like that or did it happen after a certain event in the game?

Alex said...

it has always been like that but i sorta can play, its hard though. and now my down arrow wont work/it always moves me down and i cant do anything about it. it started at the beginning of the woods part.

Anonymous said...

????????? error when I try to defend with full stats (Full HP/EN)