Monday, July 28, 2008


So since I released Zelda I haven't been doing much and my computer was also messed up for about a week but that's not much of an excuse for all this time. Now I' working on Zelda 2.0 which will include a boss battle mode once you beat the game for all those who overtrained to be satisfied. It will also include a few more features that I will make known very soon.

Now, about that mugen character Krash Unleashed...not much to say. I was working on him a while back and he has some nice combos but there still isn't enough for me to post a video yet so I need to work on that. I will keep you updated as I go along. Comments are appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

Hey my post didn't show up in the last one but, for some reason the game freezes when I face the water boss. Is the boss group have a random symbol ? If so please get rid of it. So my computer doesn't freeze!